Pad Thai is a favorite for Chris and I.  There’s a local place by our house that we LOVE and I’ve wanted to try making it at home for so long but thought it would be super hard and was a little intimidated. I did some searching on Pinterest and found a recipe that seemed simple enough and just tweaked it a little bit.  Trust me… if I can do it, so can you.  It’s actually pretty easy and it is SO SO good!  We like our food spicy so be ready for some kick!

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My sister loves boho and rustic home decor.  For Christmas this year, my grandma wanted to get her a jewelry organizer and we couldn’t find what we were looking for so I decided to make a DIY project out of it and design one myself!  I started with this triangle wooden organizer from a shop on Etsy.  The wanderlust stickers, mirrored decals and decorative cow skull are all from Hobby Lobby including the little flower crown out of some embellishments.

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I’ve been writing songs and playing in bands since I was sixteen.  In 2011, Chris and I started dating and about a year after we met, we started making music together. Chris always wrote poems in school and loved music but had never thought about expressing himself musically until he started helping me record my music.  We soon realized he was a natural at mixing and producing while using recording programs like Reason, Audacity and Pro Tools.  After a few songs we started to find our sound.  Our voices complimented each other and musically, we make a great team.  We write, record and produce everything in our living room, just the two of us without a professional studio or anything like that.  I come from a background of classic rock, my favorite band is the Rolling Stones, and Chris has a love for EDM and we both love BASS.  From catchy pop-infectious hooks to hip hop to heavy dub step beats and bass drops, we have a unique sound and like to make songs that grab you, both lyrically and musically.  Together, we are My Lucky Vice.

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Now if you ask most parents if they’d let their child paint their favorite movie characters on the walls of their room… pretty sure they’d laugh followed by a “heck no” type of response.  Not my parents.  For some reason when I was fifteen and asked if I could paint the likes of Jack, Sally, Lock, Shock and Barrel on the walls of my bedroom, they actually said YES!

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