This post is in collaboration with Sovereign Brands, and Royer Corp. All photos taken by @KaylaMichellePhoto. All recipes created by me.


What’s a great way to impress your guests at a party? FUN COCKTAILS! And easy, tasty cocktails at that! Something simple like a great bubbly and some fun stir sticks can easily take a plain, ordinary cocktail and turn it into INSTA-worthy drink that ALL your guests will love!

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This post is in collaboration with Royer Corp, Sovereign Brands, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Rad Girl Fashion, Penny and Gigi and Little Blue Olive. All photos taken by @KaylaMichellePhoto.


I’ve always loved planning. Whether it’s a Daddy Daughter Day in LA, a romantic date night out, a family vacation or a girls getaway weekend, I’m obsessed with planning each and every stop! From the moment we arrive till the moment we leave, I’ve got coffee, brunch, dinner, drinks, activities and travel all dialed in! Happy hour? Check! Pool Party? Check! Dinner with an outdoor patio and great ambiance? Double check! It might come off a little Monica from Friends but trust me, I do my research! Besides…. “I wish we would have winged it” -said no one ever. 

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‘Messing Around’ in the kitchen with Colman’s

This is a sponsored post written by me in collaboration with Colman’s. All recipes and opinions are my own. All photos taken by me and my Dad.


My dad literally loves to mess around in the kitchen. I tell him he should be on the Food Network show Chopped because he’s great at creating amazing recipes on the fly out of random things in the house or when he’s planning on making one thing and is missing ingredients and has to make due with what he has. He can literally just throw together amazing dishes without a recipe or a game plan and they always come out absolutely fabulous. It blows my mind.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I constantly spam my dad’s food all over Instagram Stories. He tries to claim he’s not a chef but honestly he missed his calling. As I’ve gotten older and expanded my palette, I’ve grown to truly appreciate his gift for creating fantastic meals. One of my favorite things to do is cook with him, (more accurately, taking a hundred pictures to try and document every step) and of course attempting to jot down the exact recipe in hopes of one day being able to try and replicate his marvelous masterpieces. I should mention my dad never measures anything making this nearly an impossible task unless you count him saying “a bit of this” and a “skosh of that”.

Last night we decided to “mess around” in the kitchen with Colman’s and came up with two different recipes featuring Colman’s Mustard Prepared and Colman’s Dry Mustard Powder and though both can be enjoyed separately, they actually compliment each other quite well! The HOT Honey Mustard Sauce adds a pop of color to the plate while the tarragon and lemon zest add a fresh element. The crusted chicken are a nice texture and all together, well- it’s one beautiful and tasty mouthful!

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So it’s no secret I’m pretty pale.  In fact, I have such fair skin that in those winter months when I’m not getting much sun, I tend to look like ghost in photos and if there’s any bright light at all, I basically disappear. With spring coming up and my birthday just a few months away, I’m planning on doing a few girls trips and I plan on documenting everything as usual and don’t want to look transparent in all my pics!

I’ve never been a fan of tanning beds and although when I was as a teenager I remember spending hours baking in the sun to get that golden summer tan, I’m now more conscious about things like skin cancer so I was definitely excited to try a sunless tanning product! 

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