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This post is in collaboration with JORD. All photos of me taken by @KaylaMichellePhoto. All product photos taken by me.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably seen my various posts featuring my stunning JORD wood watches and right now, I’m partnering with JORD to do an exciting contest! The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward their purchase of any watch in their collection! (All other entrants will also be emailed a consolation 10% off gift code.) What are you waiting for!? ENTER NOW!

I’m a BIG fan of this brand for several reasons. Not only are their watches truly unique and absolutely beautiful, but their quality and attention to detail truly set them apart from other brands.

Jord (pronounced Yode) is based in St. Louis, where they constantly develop new designs. Their watches are a sophisticated mix of natural, and largely re-claimed materials, combined with quality movements and components.

As you can see, their amazing craftsmanship speaks for itself. I love unique and standout accessories I can wear daily that are both eye-catching and gorgeous! Today, I’m sharing how I like to style my ARCADIA Rose Gold + Black Marquina marble as well as some other things you might want to know about JORD.

First things first… I am OBSESSED with this watch!

I have freakishly tiny wrists, yet this watch fits perfectly! I love how this watch is both elegant and minimalist. The neutral tones make it easy to style while the marble gives it a pop of modern edge. As you can tell, I like to match. I styled my ARCADIA watch with other marble accessories and taupe tones.

Each one of a kind watch dial is also rough cut from black Marquina marble and hand-polished to a beautiful luster. You can compliment this with either the interchangeable leather or metal mesh band. YES! You get TWO stunning bands with this watch! Shop my ARCADIA watch here.

Did You Know…

1.  JORD is 100% NATURAL!

It’s true! JORD watches use only 100% natural wood. JORD timepieces & watch bands have all been hand-crafted from natural materials and they refrain from using toxic chemicals to either treat or protect the wood. Their watches are also considered to be splash-proof. This means you can wear them every day, whether your normal activities include cooking in the kitchen, a day at the beach, a heavy workout at the gym, or a night out with friends.

However, they do NOT recommend full submergence in water! Both for the integrity of the movement and the wood itself. (so no swimming with it on, okay guys!?). Seriously. Excessive moisture exposure can result in a diminished flexibility in the bands wood links. (No Bueno!) If you do somehow accidentally drop your watch in the pool or bathtub, make sure you allow your watch to dry for 1 to 2 days so the wood links dry completely and return to their natural size. Shop watches for WOMEN.


Personalization anyone??  JORD offers both watch and box engraving on select models. For an engraving on the backplate of your watch, the customization fee is $35, while engraving your wooden watch box costs $45.

You can even engrave a company logo and handwritten notes OR uploaded graphics can all be engraved! How cool is that!?  Plus on the JORD website, you can actually sign-up to receive FREE customization! (As well as other exclusive updates and special offers.) Well! What are you waiting for! Sign up now! Read more about ENGRAVING.

3. They Have MEN’S WATCHES!

Yas!!! And they are super spectacular! Check out these awesome Men’s styles! I like to describe them as classy meets edgy. They’re really versatile and work for basically any occasion. Work, home, office, date night, guys night, camping, etc.

PLUS they also have their own unique Apple watch bands!! (My dad is a huge Apple fan and he would LOVE one of these!) They also come in leather. And they happen to be on SALE right now! Speaking of… wouldn’t one of these men’s watches or Apple watch bands make the perfect Father’s Day gift!? I think so! Shop watches for MEN.

4. 13 TYPES of Wood!

Isn’t that crazy!? If you’ve been searching for a hand-crafted wood watch, JORD definitely has you covered! I LOVE how they offer such a great variety of wood from all over the world. There are truly so many unique selections to choose from!

Check out all 13 types here:

5. They use SAPPHIRE Glass

Did you know Sapphire glass is known in the luxury watch world as the definitive material for transparency and durability? Sapphire is a synthetic crystal (aluminum oxide or Al2O3) instead of actual glass. It is both colorless and optically clear. And guess what else!? Mechanically, it is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch-resistant material on earth!

Sapphire also has a very high modulus of elasticity and tensile strength, meaning it is extremely versatile and resistant to impact/abrasion. (HECK YES!) –  JORD proudly stays true to their mission of quality and craftsmanship by incorporating this same glass in many of their premium timepieces. Check out the watches that feature Sapphire crystal here!

*Other Fun Facts!

  • You get FREE worldwide standard shipping! (Yass!!!)
  • Most JORD watches have additional options for customization. (You can mix + match faces and woods!)
  • Each watch comes with a one year warranty and options for a hassle-free return & exchange.

**Don’t forget to enter my contest!** Good luck!

Shop my watch in this post.

Wooden Wrist Watch

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