This post is in collaboration with Sovereign Brands and Royer Corp. Photography by Kayla Michelle Photography

If you’re following me on social media (@MoreDesh), you’ve probably noticed I have, well… bougie taste when it comes to cocktails. I’ll literally stalk a restaurant or bar’s cocktail imagery (thank God for Instagram) before ever setting foot inside because, let’s face it… if it comes with a hefty price tag- it better be beautiful, or it’s not happening. 😉

I know, I know, BOUGIE AF. But trust me, the devil is in the details… and also in the deliciousness!

When I turned 30 and celebrated by throwing an (equally bougie) Birthday Bash/Girls Trip in beautiful Palm Springs, I reached out to Sovereign Brands who went above in beyond in making my birthday wishes come true. It was my first time trying their exceptional Bumbu rum as well as their Luc Belaire bubbly and needless to say, I became a fan for LIFE.

The first thing I noticed about each bottle was the stunning aesthetics and unique craftsmanship as well as their custom corks. Being a creative person, I truly appreciate quality products with attention to detail and every spirit by Sovereign Brands is truly its own work of art.

They recently sent me their new small-batch gin, McQueen and the Violet Fog, which is distilled and bottled in Jundiaí, Brazil and features 21 botanicals from all corners of the world. Can we say… AHH-MAZING!?

McQueen is an ultra-smooth, complex and well-rounded small-batch gin (limited to 500 liters per batch) combining two unique methods into a flavor-forward distillation process.

Out of the 21 different botanicals, at least six are found in no other gin, putting this elegant spirit in a league of its own.

The story behind the name is just as unique as the gin itself. The McQueen name is inspired by a poem of the same name about an encounter with a mysterious rock band.

The embossed, wide mouth bottle is very easy to pour and makes such a statement, I have mine permanently displayed on the bar for all to see. Speaking of “see”, the “crowned eye” logo is a nod to the traditional pot stills used for the gin’s creation. Pretty fascinating, right?

Lately, my favorite go-to cocktail is anything with cucumber. I love how simple and fresh a great cucumber cocktail can be and since St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, I decided it was time to create my own.

Royer Corp always has the perfect swizzle sticks and stirrers that pair perfectly with my elaborate cocktail creations and they sent me some of their Shamrock Swizzle Sticks. – Adorbs, right? Plus, they’re available on AMAZON! #Winning 

Alright, so I’ve hyped up this gorgeous cocktail enough… let’s get to making the damn thing!




  1. Create a sugar rim on your glass. (This is fairly easy to do. Using two separate plates, add a dash of water to one and a scoop of sugar to the other. Wet the edge of your glass, then coat with sugar to create a delicious, sugary rim!)
  2. Using a potato peeler, carefully skin your cucumber. Make sure to keep at least one skin handy for the garnish! 
  3. After all cucumber skin is removed, continue skinning to create several cucumber ribbons, but stop once you reach the seeds. (you won’t want seeds for this recipe!) 
  4. Place all (skinless) ribbons into your blender along with a splash of water and some crushed ice and blend until you reach a liquidy, almost frothy consistency. (1 cucumber makes about 1/3 glass). Set aside.
  5. To create a cucumber ribbon garnish, poke onto a toothpick and switch direction each time to create a wavy appearance. (Make sure not to slide on too hard, or the ribbon could snap. Take your time and it’ll come out just right!) 


  1. Fill your glass with 1/3 crushed ice.
  2. Add fresh basil leaves.
  3. Add 2 oz. McQueen gin.
  4. Add 1 oz. Simple Syrup.
  5. Add 1 oz. tonic or soda water.
  6. Add cucumber liquid.
  7. Add a splash of lime juice.
  8. Stir together with your shamrock swizzle stick!
  9. Add cucumber ribbon for garnish.
  10. Sip + Enjoy!

(P.S. If you’re wondering… this drink definitely exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend you try for yourself!) Happy Bouging! 

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