This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

What’s up my football fans? As most of you know, I am a huge party-planner. I LIVE for themed parties, fun decorations and tasty snacks! Sports are a pretty big deal in my family because a lot of my cousins have played various sports since they were kids. Over the years, we’ve always loved getting together for sporting events and hosting our own awesome homegating parties, ESPECIALLY for football!

Of course, what I look forward to the most at our game day parties is seeing our friends and family, catching up, spending quality time together and watching our favorite teams play our favorite sport! FOOTBALL! But you know what else is just as important at any themed party?! THE FOOD!

I’ve been a Tyson® chicken customer for years. I love to cook, but sometimes I just need a quick and easy meal I can make at home and not have to stress over and I know I won’t have to compromise flavor. In my opinion, Tyson chicken products are hands-down the BEST quality, best tasting and most flavor-able chicken. But what I love most is that all specially marked Tyson chicken products are raised with no antibiotics ever. And guys, they seriously taste SO GOOD. I mean your guests will eat them up! Literally!

Everyone can feel good about serving all Tyson chicken specially marked no antibiotics ever products to their family and friends. They also have quite the variety and I love how finger foods are so easy to serve, and are always a huge hit at our parties! Your guests won’t be able to get enough of them!

For our most recent football homegating party, I picked up Tyson crispy chicken stripsTyson® Any’tizers® hot wings buffalo style and Tyson® Any’tizers boneless chicken WYNGZ* from my local Kroger store.

My boyfriend Chris is OBSESSED with hot wings buffalo style and he’s usually the one at the party saying “You got to try this! No, but you have really got to try this!”. He recently got all of my little cousins hooked on them so I had to pick up a couple bags of these guys! Personally, I tend to crave crispy chicken strips, but again with all the varieties that Tyson chicken offers, there’s always something for everyone!

I’m obsessed with Tyson® Any’tizers! They are made with white meat chicken in a variety of different sauces, perfect for any time and are absolutely DE-LICIOUS! Tyson crispy chicken strips are made with 100% all-natural white meat chicken, fully cooked and fully crispy, and are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients. These are all available at Kroger or Kroger division stores in the frozen aisle. All specially marked Tyson chicken products have no added hormones or steroids. Tyson® Any’tizers and Tyson crispy chicken strips are great for homegating and bringing friends and families together on game days!

When all of us are gathered around the television, socializing, shouting and cheering on our favorite teams (we’re a pretty loud bunch), tasty snacks are a MUST in our house! I joke that it’s always like Grand Central Station at our place because at our parties, we always say the more, the merrier so the kids often bring their significant others along, and sure enough, it’s always a full house!

Finger foods are always a good idea because they’re a fun snack for your guests and are easy clean-up for the host! (YES!!) And most importantly, when you’re serving Tyson chicken products, you know you’re going to have plenty of options and some great flavor that everyone will love!

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