This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Canada Dry® and 7UP®. The opinions and text are all mine. All photos are taken by Kayla Michelle Photography. 

Every year, our family throws a massive Halloween party for friends and family and we’re known for our scrumptious snacks and delicious drinks. It’s also my sister’s favorite holiday and together, we love baking ghoulish goodies in the kitchen and transforming our home into a haunted house, creating Spooky Snacks, Terrifying Treats & of course, our guests’ party favorite: Zombie Punch!  


This recipe is SUPER simple & a huge hit with our guests each year! You only need two ingredients and it’s SO good, you can plan on serving plenty of refills all night! When mixed with sherbet, the carbonation in the soda will create a fun and foamy punch that your guests will love!  

What You Need:

How to Make:

  1. In a large serving bowl, mix 1 tub of lime sherbet (lightly thawed) with 6 cans or about 90% of a 2 liter bottle of Canada Dry.
  2. For a spooky setting, place your bowl inside a witch’s cauldron and use a ladle to serve your guests.
  3. Sip and enjoy!

For this recipe, you can also use 7UP instead of Canada Dry if you prefer your punch on the sweeter side. By the way, how cute are these limited edition Mini Monster cans?! They’re perfect for every Halloween party and make hosting easy because they can be enjoyed as beverages and used in fun recipes. Each can also comes with a special Snapchat Snap Code that you can unlock a spooky Snapchat filter for 1 hour for. Just open the Snapchat app and scan the ghost icon on the cans by holding your phone over the ghost icon and press the ghost icon on your screen. Share with your friends and family and let them in on the fun! The Mini Monster Cans and 2 liters will be available in Walmart stores from now through 10/31.


These little monster treats are as tasty as they are cute! The Monsters-On-A-Stick are similar to “cake pops” only better! Personally, I’ll take chocolate covered cookies on a stick over a cake pop any day. Especially when it’s covered in colored coconut flakes- yum! 

What You Need:

How to Make:

  1. Per baking instructions, use a ramekin or small bowl and heat candy melts in microwave.
  2. Use food coloring to dye your melting chocolate a spooky color!
  3. Stir until consistency is smooth and creamy.
  4. For Monsters-On-A-Stick, pinch paper straws at one end, pull cookie halves apart and place melting chocolate in the middle before re-attaching to hold the straw in place.
  5. In another ramekin or small bowl, use food coloring to dye coconut flakes.
  6. For Monsters-On-A-Stick, dip cookies into melted chocolate until evenly coated on both sides. (For plated monsters, coat half-way.)
  7. Add candy eyeballs, sprinkles and coconut flakes and set aside to dry and harden before serving.


Say that three times fast! These are another party favorite that seem to disappear the moment our guests can get their hands on them! These little guys are definitely craveable and will make your mouth water while making them in the kitchen! (Trust me, it will be impossible not to pop one in your mouth for a “taste test” before carrying out a tray to your guests).

What You Need:

How to Make:

  1. Per cooking instructions, cook the little smoked sausages in the oven.
  2. Wrap strips of crescent rolls around the little smoked sausages to look like mini mummies.
  3. Use mustard and a toothpick to make creepy little eyes.
  4. Serve with a dish of ketchup for dipping.

I love snacks with a kick! Spicy mustard adds a bit of heat (like Wasabi or horseradish). Of course for this recipe, we’re only using a tiny amount but feel free to use traditional mustard if your guests prefer more mild munchies. Make sure to check out TheCraveyard.com for more spooky recipes and visit their page on Pinterest for some eerie inspiration! Black Halloween Creepy Cloth and Orange Mini Halloween LED Lights also from Walmart. You can pretty much find all the things you’ll need for your own Halloween party for a low price at Walmart!

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