I was recently asked by Pup-Peroni to create some unique tips for using a product and I wanted to share with you a little bit about our family’s dogs and how I reward them with Pup-Peroni treats from Walmart.
This is a sponsored conversation, written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all my own.

As many of you probably know by now, my family has two dogs. One white lab and one black lab and if you follow my Instagram stories, you also know that even though they couldn’t be more different- they each have their own unique and adorable personality.

Stokely, our black lab, is the lover. He absolutely LOVES people. Fetching is his favorite thing to do in the world unless of course you decide you want to pet him because once you start, he’ll never let you stop. Besides getting his belly rubbed, he also enjoys swimming in our pool, getting the paper, playing with his best friend” in the entire world (my dad) and, of course showing off his favorite trick we taught him ‘the shake.’ He truly is the epitome of man’s best friend and is the best dog any owner could ever ask for.

When Stokely was a little puppy, my dad taught him how to swim. For most dogs, swimming comes naturally but for Stokely, it took a LONG time to get the hang of it. It was so cute seeing him flop around in the worst dog-paddle you have every seen but it is, simultaneously, still one of the cutest memories we have with him.

Warhol, our white lab, is the character. Warhol is unlike any dog any of us has ever known. He honestly thinks he’s a cat. He licks and cleans Stokely on a daily basis, he pounces like a cat, he hates to fetch or go on walks, and he’s usually hiding in a bush when people come over or keeping a 10 foot radius between himself and others at all times- unless there’s food involved. That changes everything instantly. Besides napping and judging his owners from his favorite corner in the yard, his favorite thing to do is eat. Warhol does what Warhol wants and he doesn’t care too much to listen, but if you tempt him with a T-R-E-A-T… you just might get him to be a “GOOD BOY” and “SIT.” Warhol also loves to play with Stokely. His favorite way to play is to tease Stokely by walking right up to him and showing off his bone or toy in hopes that Stokely will try and take it from him so they can play a little tug-of-war. Another thing he does is sometimes when it’s hot outside, he’ll go on just the first step of the pool and give himself a little dunk to cool off. Then he’ll lay on the edge of the pool with his paws hanging over the edge and just stares at the water and enjoys his paradise. He’s such a crack up.

There’s never a dull moment at the house with these two. They seem to be in every conversation we have and are always the highlight of anyone’s visit when we have company over. They couldn’t be more different but they get along so well and really love one another.

Our gate is pretty tall but every once in a while, Stokely will jump over the gate and get out and Warhol instantly will bark and run over to us to get our attention and let us know. He’ll cry non-stop until Stokely is safely back at home and once reunited, Warhol will jump and pivot about, licking and jumping on Stokely, over-joyed to be reunited with his best friend.

My dogs have been eating Pup-Peroni Dog Treats for years. I love shopping at Walmart for their food because I know I’m going to find great quality products and great prices and my dogs absolutely go crazy for them! 

One of the ways I reward my dogs with being extra good is when they get baths. Neither of them enjoying getting a bath, in fact, we usually have to bribe them by letting them know if they are “GOOD BOYS” during their bath, they will be rewarded with their favorite Pup-Peroni “TREATS!” My dogs love all the Pup-Peroni varieties but their favorites are the Original Beef Flavor Dog Treat and the Triple Meat Lovers Flavor.

Why My Dogs LOVE Pup-Peroni:

  • Real meat like beef, steak, bacon, etc. is the #1 ingredient
  • Real meaty goodness
  • Mouth-watering beef
  • Mouth-watering steak
  • Made with real Angus steak

Pup-Peroni Dog Treats are available at Walmart in the pet aisle. Check out one of my dog’s favorite snacks, Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Dog Treat at Walmart! Woof Yeah!

We’ve had our dogs for almost 12 years. When we first brought them home, they were only a few weeks old and were SO tiny! They are more than just pets in our eyes. They are truly the heart and soul of our family and they fill our lives with such joy every minute of every day. We love spending time with them and no matter what, whether we’re having a bad day or we’re sad or in an unpleasant mood- on even the worst or hardest days, our dogs will put a smile on our faces. The way they run up and rub against us, seeing their tails wag and their happy faces panting excitedly as they hold up their paws for a shake and whine with happiness the minute we walk in the door- they instantly bring warmth to your heart and can improve your mood.

I was so excited to do this collaboration with Pup-Peroni and Walmart because I’ve been a customer of both for years and I love their products almost as much as my dogs! Pick up your dogs some Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Dog Treat at Walmart!

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