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I LOVE Vinebox! You might say it’s the new “wine by the glass”. It’s a monthly subscription club for wines delivered straight to your door that are hand-selected by a team of wine-obsessed sommeliers. AND each gorgeous cylinder is a perfectly measured 10cl pours (the restaurant-style pours, not home-style pours).

Vinebox is all about the stories behind the wine, the tasting notes, the details, the passion and the people. Their motto is: “Life’s too short to drink bad wine” and  they back up that quote with their 100% happiness guaranteed.


  1. Muzard & Fils Clos Faubard
  2. Lion Blac De Saint Marc
  3. Tenuta Monaciello Rosso





Muzard & Fils Clos Faubard

This 2015 wine was hand selected from the hills of Burgundy, France. It is 13% and has tasting notes of dark fruits accented by sweet eucalyptus and crushed berries. It also has a slight oak presence that brings subtle toastiness and hints of peony and violet. Pair it with General Tso’s chicken or with a glazed/caramelized sauce.

Lion Blac De Saint Marc

This is a 2014 dry and crisp full-bodied white Bordeaux from France with tasting notes of honeyed apples, sweet ripe lime and caramel. It’s 12.5% and pairs well with butter, garlic and parsley as well as chicken, fish and pasta.

Tenuta Monaciello Rosso

This is a ripe wine at 12/5% with tasting notes of fresh red fruits and an herbal note that’s mostly sage. Hints of black raspberry, low acidity, soft tannin, and hailing from Italy, it’s also the perfect “pizza wine”. Pair it with black pepper salami and garlic flavored charcuterie and of course- PIZZA!

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Skirt is Asos

Shoes are MIA

Watch is JORD

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