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Last week on our DDD (Daddy Daughter Day) I dragged my dad to the totally girly Alfred Tea Room.


The ‘Alfred Pink Drink’
It’s made with beetroot and almond milk then kicked up a notch with an added immunity boost- infused with tons of vitamins like folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin C. It’s then sweetened with organic strawberry and pomegranate. Also available with boba! DE-LISH!

The Raspberry Rose Croissant
YES it was as delicious as it sounds. It’s a rose water infused raspberry jam filled croissant that’s dipped in pink chocolate, then topped with edible rose buds. BAM!

Alfred ‘Tea’ Pin Set
I’ve had my eye on that cactus pin for a while so of course when it was staring me in the face at the register… how could I say no? I mean it’s a pink freakin’ cactus pin!
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Next we took a scenic stroll down Sunset and walked to a local restaurant called Gracias Madre. We shared the Young Coconut Ceviche (surprisingly made out of coconut and zero fish) and although it tasted nothing like coconut, it was surprisingly delicious! I also had the Plantain Chorizo Quesadilla which was wonderful! I highly recommend this place!

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OOTD deats:

Top, shoes & bracelet are Forever 21.

Jeans are Factory Fashion.

Watch is JORD.

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