You are a babe. And so is your coffee. 

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Why I love Babes with Coffee
This platform isn’t just about featuring cute girls with coffee. Well that too. But it’s more than that. Babes with Coffee focuses on promoting female connection and empowerment through a common love for everyone’s favorite beverage. COFFEE.

Meet the gorgeous BABES behind Babes with Coffee and read their stories here. As most of you know, I’m all about empowering women and supporting one another and these ladies’ stories really touched me. Through their passions for coffee and empowering women, they’ve created a successful business that’s not only serving every babe with delicious coffee, but bringing awareness and funding charities and organizations to help aid in women’s causes. I’m proud to support Babes With Coffee. And they’re local! (Orange County) Which is a huge plus for me since most of my favorite coffee shops are in LA.

Check out their French Babe roast! This delicious roast blends notes of black cherry and dark chocolate! Totally crushing on French Babe. Shop it here.

They also have Boho Babe roast which I’m dying to try next! Oh and don’t forget to pick up an adorable Coffee Babe cap next time you stop in for a fresh cup! And follow @BabesWithCoffee on Instagram for more coffee inspo. Cheers!

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