Wow! It feels like we just wrapped up the holiday season and it’s already almost Valentine’s Day! 

FACT: I seriously SUCK at curling my own hair. So anytime you see me with amazing curls (I know it’s rare) it wasn’t done by me!  Speaking of which, huge shout out to my sister for doing my hair and makeup for this cupid look! I don’t know how she made me look so angelic in this photoshoot but I’m loving it!

GET THE LOOK: For this look, my sister styled my hair in a half-up messy bun.  We used bobby pins and let little pieces loosely fall out for that natural I-woke-up-like-this elegant, yet simple look. The trick to this look is to let the hair do what it wants.  If some pieces want to stay out and aren’t cooperating, let them fall where they may.  In this case, the more fly-aways the better, for that effortlessly sexy look.  The one where you literally just roll out of bed and your man tells you how hot you look but you look in the mirror and you’re like – um, NO. …yeah that’s the one.  Trust me.  They love it.



CUPID3 copy


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